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Use your creativity towards healing, growth, and change.

The Arterie is a collective of therapists who host individual and group consultation using best practice in the arts and psychotherapy towards personal transformation. We service adults, children, teens, families, and organizations.


We offer therapy, workshops, and more in the Greater Toronto Area (Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto).


At The Arterie, we create transformative connections with the people we serve. We approach our team and community with the same respect and care. The nature of our work involves us thinking about where someone is at in their life, and what part of their story began which way of coping, all within the context of human development. Sometimes an obstacle, inside or outside of ourselves, is not going to change. In these cases, we have to be creative to find a unique solution that becomes as invisible as walking or breathing. It takes as much practice as re/discovery, and that’s why true healing of the inner-world is longer term work. We are patient for things to take hold organically.

It must be known that even though we do serious work, we do find joy in it every day.

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Teen Group Art Therapy


Wednesdays, monthly 4-6pm


Clear Vision in 2020:

Visual Journalling group

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