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Hello Readers on this not-hot August long weekend,

This is our first Arterie newsletter (on the site / posting it for readers here too). We've written a report on what we’ve been running, and what is upcoming in the Fall.

Let me start with inviting you to imagine what a therapist lives for. Can you guess? That’s right: the ‘breakthrough’—that rush of wisdom that comes when resilience outlasts a problem or a habit. This can be large or small scale, and the small ones are worth noting because we all need positive feedback on the tough slog of inner work—patience, for example, when we quietly work at expanding our patience, look for the little breakthrough. It's worth it.

When you put a couple therapists in a room together, the larger project naturally becomes teasing out the techniques and theory of how to hunt for a breakthrough. We all have our own way.

When you get a collective together, like at the Arterie—which started as a collective of art therapists in 2015 and then this year expanded into a clinic with different professionals who share that creative edge—the project grows to wanting to tell the world what we’ve figured out so far—and that’s you, wordly reader.

One important aspect of a therapist’s approach to breakthrough hunting is this: that noisy symptom, for example, fear when there is no danger (anxiety), or lethargy despite good rest (depression)—from here comes important information about the unconscious mind. Right? Right. But how to crack that code? Yes, this is the question. Hold that thought…

First one more important thing: human development. How old are you? But also: how old is the problem? “Adulting” starts young, and the ‘inner child’ lives on… There are of course different approaches for different ages, but also for problems that are rooted in different parts of a person’s history, experiences.

These are a therapist’s questions. But yours too: the self-helper, or the parent, or caregiver.

We want to connect the professional work that we do at the Arterie with your own ‘breakthrough hunting.’

There is too much to say here, so below are invitations to some events where we will expand on 'breakthrough hunting' that we do on the way to self-acceptance and good mental health.

These invitations are for those of you who are local to the GTA, especially in Burlington, where we have a studio.

We will be posting the process of our programs on our Instagram account (@TheArterie) if you’d like to follow.

FOR ADULTS: You don’t need experience, everyone is creative, and making art is as challenging as inner-work. BUT creating something from raw colour and materials is another ‘royal road to the unconscious.’

“Journal your art out” Sept. 23rd 2017 Nov. 4th, 2017 You can come to one or both. 40$ + tx. This is for you if you want to: * become more insight-oriented with your creative process * silence your ‘inner critic’ and strengthen your creative voice * tune into yourself and your needs

Zoom Within: Art making and Mindfulness Workshop Series Created and led by Art therapist Sarah Brodie 6 weeks of Friday mornings 9:30-noon Starting Oct. 16th 2017 $450 Who is this for? * you are creative * you are looking for more meaning, depth, beauty in your life * you are going through a transition, searching for new direction * you wonder how to better nurture yourself

Open Studio Mondays Time to work on your creative projects in good company, and with good understanding and technique for overcoming creative blocks Afternoons and evenings available, sign up required Led by The Arterie Artist-in-Residence Suggested contribution: 12$/ hr Drawing supplies included, paint and other supplies available for purchase Contact:


At the very beginning of the summer, Claudia Corradetti and Sarah Brodie hosted “Inspired Parenting Workshop.” We discussed how simple techniques like reflecting a child’s difficult feelings, rather than the well-intentioned parental reflex to rush to fix the problem, is sometimes the better bet. We shared some good laughs on parenting-fails, and ate snacks. The feedback was for MORE.

We would like to address three themes separately over the coming season:

Thursday, Sept. 28th, 7-9pm: strategies and techniques for parents of elementary school aged-children We got serious about the MORE. We thought that one way to fit this into busy parents’ lives is to offer child care and a catered healthy meal and a panel of therapists who will reply to questions on our theme. You will be sent scripted ‘minutes’ of our discussion. 150$ / person (*couple and group discounts available)

Thursday, Oct. 19th, 7-9 pm: parenting teenage girls

Part 1 of 3, future dates to be announced. 50$ + tx. Sarah and Claudia work with teenage girls as a large part of their practice. They have lots to share on difficult topics including dating & sexuality, drug/ alcohol use, communication & technology.

New year: Parenting in the age of youtube How to parent your child in the ‘digital age,’ setting limits, overseeing safety, and treating the withdrawal symptoms that come with as little as 10 minutes on a screen.


Ask about our groups for school aged girls, school aged boys, and youth. These are available to individual children/ youth who have already had an assessment by a psychotherapist. We tailor these groups to match the group and individual needs.

As an example, this summer we’ve had a great group that we called “Slime Therapy” for girls who struggle to self-soothe fears, frustrations, and other difficult feelings. And a group for school-aged boys where we teach social communication skills.

More info on these next newsletter, or contact us if you’re interested.

Yours in arts and healing,

The Arterie

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