The Arterie Origin Story

The Arterie stamp

On January 2nd 2015, we five women and special guests gathered at my office in Burlington, Ontario and then kept gathering together, at one another’s places, along with all our collections of art materials until–bang, pop, wizzzzz—we just now, in Spring 2016, launched The Arterie: a creative collective. Together we create transformative workshops and consultations, for you!

We have a special kind of momentum that none of us can believe. It starts years (and years, for some of us) ago, when we each followed a calling and made it to graduate with a Master’s in Art Therapy from Concordia U in Montreal. We separately have and continue to work in hospitals, schools, agencies, rehab, and privately for a collective 25 years.

It was a short year and a half ago, however, that we five met in a spontaneous creative new year’s brainstorm. Each of us had done the hard work of establishing ourselves in the work of creative arts and healing. We discovered an additional je-ne-sais-quoi: we create well together. We are attracting clients that share our passion in connecting the arts and health, who find themselves sharing our momentum, which we hope will become signature. The Arterie’s logo, the six-looped spirographed (remember those things?) vortices that we nickname “the Doily” captures our dynamic.

Many people come and go from our offices in Burlington, Mississauga and Toronto. And we have had great adventures going to your workplaces and special events, for creative enrichment: Bell Media, Goodmans LLP, the Newcomers Centre of Peel, and Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK) are some of the spots where we’ve brought our tailored programs. Invite us even farther afield: Costa Rica, anyone? One day, not too far away, we will offer retreats…

The first Arterie location in Burlington, Ontario

Right now we offer groups and workshops year-round where you can recharge your creativity, no art training/talent required: For adults, check out Zoom Within, Perfectly Imperfect, and 02.

Several of us also work with children and their parents, with advanced specializations in child and youth development. We will be expanding in the direction of groups and workshops for families, so please sign up for our polite and infrequent newsletter to keep up on all our programs.

Sarah, Claudia, Or, Erin and Sonomi, see the process of healing, transformation, growth, and change, as our medium and our muse. We have each learned deeply from clients who have come with depression, anxiety, trauma, emotional turmoil, loss, and transition. We have also been sparked by the challenge of offering inspiration to teams and groups who are wanting to take it higher. As a team we are learning and growing exponentially, and hope you will come and see what we have to offer.

We’ll end this blog with a 60-second creative prompt that you can do with a pen and paper right now: Draw The Arterie’s “Doily”: don’t worry about the number of loops, just loop around until you’re back full circle. Ahhh! There. Nice, right? Perhaps you’ll give it some colour, isn’t everyone ‘colouring-in’ these days? Perhaps you’ll name each vortex (…people in your ‘inner circle’?…memories that circle through your mind?). Perhaps you’ll just look into the centre and take a nice deep breath, since studies have shown that focusing on things that have no top or bottom is innately relaxing.

And also, please do get in touch with us: requests, questions, quests in general. We look forward to meeting you.

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